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PRP Hair Restoration


PRP: A New way to grow your hair back


Fortunately, there is a technique that can effectively encourage the growth of fresh hair. PRP is now an option for men and women dealing with hair loss. PRP is the abbreviated form of platelet-rich plasma therapy. (PRP).

What precisely is the PRP?


Our blood contains plasma as one of its constituents and platelets. These platelets are crucial for the regular functioning of our systems, including blood clotting, vascular injury repair and upkeep, and soft tissue regeneration. These electrons, however, are much more than that. Additionally, they contain growth factors, which have a variety of regeneration functions, including the creation of new cells. The creation of new cells is one of the functions of growth hormones.


PRP is frequently used to treat soft tissue injuries in orthopedics. It has been demonstrated that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies effectively promote the healing of various soft tissue structures, including joints and ligaments. 

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How precisely does the PRP hair loss treatment function?

It’s quite fascinating. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a cutting-edge method of treating hair loss that promotes new hair growth on the scalp by removing growth factors from the patient’s blood plasma.

The cosmetic dermatologist treating you for PRP will take a syringe of blood from you. With the help of a centrifuge and other specialized equipment, the plasma is separated from the blood in a manner that preserves a constant platelet concentration. This process assures the accuracy of the platelet percentage.


The remaining mixture is then re-injected into various regions of the scalp to promote new hair development after the platelet-rich plasma has been removed.

How does the PRP therapy process usually go?

The procedure is performed thrice in an outpatient facility for over hundred and twenty-four weeks. After arranging a consultation with the expert, patients need to visit his office for their initial treatment. The procedure, which entails taking blood from the patient, separating the plasma from the blood, and then injecting the plasma back into the skull, takes less than an hour to finish. Three treatments total, each separated by four weeks, make up the full course of treatment. It has been shown that reintroducing these growth factors into the body can stimulate the scalp’s cells, which in turn can aid in forming new hair.

Additionally, the results are delivered promptly. By the third session, seeing a noticeable improvement in one’s development is typical. The amount of regeneration required directly correlates to how frequently patients must make follow-up visits. It’s important to remember that this is a temporary fix. Most people see their doctor once every six months to maintain their results. Patients with extremely fine hair are advised to attend the clinic more frequently.

Who is the ideal candidate for the PRP Treatments?

The efficacy of this medication is restricted to patients already displaying the earliest stages of hair thinning. It won’t work if all the hair has already been plucked out.

Aside from that, PRP is a fantastic choice for treating all types of hair, regardless of the patient’s age, gender, or ethnicity. Males must start the treatment process as soon as possible because male-pattern baldness advances at a rate that is noticeably faster than female-pattern baldness. If you want a clinic to treat your hair with PRP Hair Loss in Pensacola, reach out.


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